Logging of Volunteer Hours

City Employees

In order to log your volunteer hours, you will need to go to Starnet and click on the “Log your volunteer hours" under the N2N logo

In order to log your volunteer hours, you will need to login using your e-mail address and a password that is generated by the system. The password will be contained in your registration confirmation e-mail.

Registration Form

General Information
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* Please note that the request for mobile and home phone numbers, as well as home E-mails, is being made so that, in the case of emergencies during non-work hours, potential volunteers can be contacted.

** Fields marked with double asterisk(**) are optional for city-employees

Emergency Contact   References
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Volunteer Categories

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Number of Characters Remaining: 500

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Certification, Authorization and Release
I agree that the City of Richmond may use my likeness in any brochures or promotional materials that will be used to promote the City of Richmond.
Have you had a background check through the city within the last year?
I certify that the information I have given is true and complete and that no attempt has been made to conceal pertinent information. I understand that any false or misleading information may be cause for the dismissal at any time and agree to hold the City of Richmond, its agents, employees, and volunteers harmless in that event.
I authorize to the City of Richmond, and its agents, to conduct all necessary background checks in connection with my application. This investigation may include information as to my criminal background, motor vehicle records, sex offender registry checks, addresses, employment history, high school attendance, professional references, and other appropriate sources. Any person, firm, or organization providing information or records in accordance with this authorization is released from any and all claims of liability for compliance. Such information will be held in confidence in according to the city policy.
I assume full responsibility for such participation and release the City of Richmond from any damages which I may sustain thereby. I fully understand that if my services are no longer needed, or my performance is not acceptable, the city has the right to terminate my services as required and without notice.
I certify that by submitting this form I comply with all the terms under the "Certification, Authorization and Release" section of this form.
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