Glossary of Terms

Term Definition
Address A parcel's street address
Architectural Style A description of the type of residential dwelling like Ranch, Colonial, Victorian
Basement Area below grade - may be finished or unfinished
Census Tract A geographic area defined for the purpose of taking a census
Commercial Office buildings, retail, restaurant, industrial and other business uses as well as vacant land zoned for these uses
Consideration Recorded price of a transfer
Grantor Seller in a transfer transaction
Improved Parcel is improved with a building or other significant structure
Land Area The land square footage or area of a parcel
Living Area Finished living area above grade expressed in square footage
Multi-Family Apartments (5 units and above), condominiums, mobile home parks, rooming houses, and vacant land zoned for multi-family use
Neighborhood A grouping of similar types of properties usually situated in close proximity to each other
Number of Units Number of living units for an apartment building - usually 5 units and up
Property Class A property use description like single family one story or single family 2 story
Residential Single family dwellings, duplex, triplex, quadruplex, and vacant land zoned for single family use
State Plane Projected coordinate system name: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Virginia_South_FIPS_4502_Feet
Transfer Date Date a parcel was transferred
Unimproved Vacant land or may include an insignificant structure
Year Built Date of original construction (may be estimated)
Zip Parcel's zip code

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