City of Richmond Real Estate Transfer Search Program

This interactive search utility allows a person to view real estate transfers from the City of Richmond property transfer database. These records may be accessed using one or more search criteria such as premise (address), transfer price or date ranges. The results of a successful search will provide the user with detailed property information including assessment details, land data, service information, and governmental details. Search results may be exported to an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word Document.

The user is cautioned that this database includes every land transfer document recorded in the Richmond Circuit Court Clerk’s Office and serves multiple purposes. Foreclosure, family or related-party transfers and non-market transfers in this database cannot be used to define market value. The user is responsible for verifying document information at the recordation source before utilizing such information in any legal proceeding.

A separate market sales file is maintained for all property transfers that meets the legal definition of market value. This market sales file is used by the City Assessor’s office for both reassessment and comparative analysis of city assessments.The file is found through the "Transfer Reports" link on the left menu.

Transfer data has been maintained and updated since the 1999 calendar year. There is also historical transfer data prior to 1999, however this historical data was imported from a previous computer system and may not contain complete information on each transfer. Over the years the Assessor's Office has made several changes to the coding schemes used for both assessment areas and property class codes. The assessment area and property class codes that are used in the transfer search represent the current codes.

If you have difficulty in accessing any data, you may contact our customer service group by calling (804) 646-7500.

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